Can You Answer Yes...

Wildtree - simple. healthy. natural. 
Always the Better Choice...Naturally!
Wildtree is the all natural food company that sells through taste testing parties. There is no MSG, no Hydrogenated oils, no High Fructose Corn syrups, no food dyes and no GMO's in any of our products. All the culinary blend ingredients are grown without herbicides and pesticides.

Leslie, the founder of Wildtree, went from a full time pharmacist, single Mom to starting her own all natural food direct sales company. For Leslie it was a necessity to start a company with all natural foods if she wanted her children to be able to eat.

If you can answer yes to any of these statements it will benefit you to either host a Wildtree taste testing, come as a guest to a tasting or become a consultant with Wildtree.

- Do you know any one with Diabetes?
- Do you know anyone with ADHD or ADD?
- Do you know anyone with high cholesterol?
- Do you know anyone with heart disease?  
- Have you ever considered doing a direct sales business?
- Are you looking to make an additional income?
- Are you looking for a business that gives you the opportunity to go out and have fun a few times a month?
- Are you looking for something you can call your own?
- Are you looking to eat healthier foods?
- Are you looking for grocery items that do not contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, Hydrogenated oils, MSG, Food Dyes or Genetically Modified Organism's?
- Are you looking for healthier food items to feed your children?
- Are you looking to create your own destiny?

I know you have answered yes to many of these questions. Most of the foods on the grocery store shelves contain so many ingredients that we really should not be eating. I know we are all busy and we do not have the time to read all the labels on the food items in the stores. Well, with Wildtree you can be confident in knowing that all our products have " clean labels" and you can go grocery shopping with Wildtree and not have to read the labels because every one of the ingredients are all natural; no additives and no preservatives in any of our products. I know you and your friends will fall in love with our products and have tons of fun at your tasting party.

So give me a call or email today to reserve a date for you and your friends to have a fun night out together. Remember with a Wildtree party you never have a hard time getting people to come because it is food and everyone loves to get together, eat and socialize.