Fundraiser Opportunity!

Wildtree Fundraiser Proposal

            Thank you for expressing an interest in scheduling a Wildtree Fundraiser.  A Wildtree Fundraiser is an excellent way for your organization to raise the money you desire to meet your needs and goals.

            This proposal showcases how easy it is to host a uniquely different, simple and profitable fundraiser, which reflects values that will promote a healthier lifestyle, with the very best in foods which are all-natural, preservative-free, no MSG, additives or dyes and totally nutritious, delicious, and easy to prepare.  Wildtree offers an amazing array of product offerings that will delight every one of your supporters! – EVERYONE EATS and today, EATING HEALTHY is an important choice!

            The following example exhibits the potential earnings for your organization.

Participating Members
Sales per Member
$  2,500.00
$  500.00
$  6,500.00

Benefits for Your Supporters:
  • Perfect Product – Our products appeal to all types of consumers – everyone loves to eat!
  • Unsurpassed Quality – Rest assured that your supporters will be 100% satisfied!
  • Superior Tastes – We have a variety of product offerings to please everyone!
  • Affordable – We manufacture our own!  With our pricing, every one of your supporters can afford to participate!

Benefits for Your Group or Organization:
  • Excellent Profit Potential – Earn 20% Cash on every item sold based on any sales over $500!
  • Satisfied Supporters – Follow-up requests from customers will prove that Wildtree can be your preferred fundraiser for years to come!
  • Great Value – Direct from our on-line catalog.  No inflated prices!
  • Ease and Convenience – We keep it simple!  One Bundle Packet.  Easy Order forms.  Speedy delivery to your Fundraising Chairman.
  • Reputation – We will provide you with quality products that will represent your organization well.
  • Outstanding Service – We pride ourselves in providing impeccable personal service to you!

How easy is it to sell $250 in Wildtree products? 

Some examples:

  1. Sell 4 Best of Wildtree 12-pack @ $65 each = $260 (catalog page 24)                 
  2. Sell 11 Grapeseed Oil Duo Sets @ $24 each = $264 (catalog page 4, 24)  
  3. Sell 5 64oz bottles of Wildtree Grapeseed Oils (Natural or Roasted Garlic) @ $50 = $250 (catalog page 4)
STEP by STEP Fundraiser Success
  1. Each Seller will receive a Seller’s Packet which includes a Wildtree Bundle Packet, Order Forms and an envelope to keep collected monies and orders.
  2. We recommend that your fundraiser selling period be set at 2 weeks.  We have found this time schedule is the most effective; as it assures your supporters receive their orders in a timely manner.
  3. It is the Chairperson’s responsibility to tally all Order forms for each seller and assure orders and monies are accurate. 
  4. Orders will be delivered to one location to the attention of the Chairperson.  Usual turnaround on submitted fundraiser order is two weeks.
  5. All checks should be made payable to __Allison Cottle____________.
  6. If your organization is Tax Exempt, you must furnish proof (Official Copy) of your organization’s tax exemption certificate, prior to the start of the fundraiser. If your organization is not tax exempt or if the copy is not provided, the organization is responsible for collecting all applicable Sales Tax per order.
  7. There is a small Shipping and Handling Charge of $5.75 per order.  For orders going to Alaska, US Virgin Islands, Hawaii and Guam, there are additional Drop Shipping and Handling charges.
Additional Opportunities:
Wildtree offers Home, Office and Group Tastings.  For each individual Tasting that is
scheduled from the Fundraiser event, your Wildtree Representative will donate 
additional cash or prize products to your group or organization!

Thank you very much for considering Wildtree as your Fundraiser.  I know that by partnering with Wildtree, your organization can achieve its most successful Fundraiser ever!  Please contact me today to schedule the times to launch your Wildtree fundraiser.  I look forward to helping your group exceed your goals!!

Naturally Yours,

Allison C. Cottle
Independent Wildtree Representative and Fundraising Specialist

 * S&H Charge -- Includes the handling charge, individually sorting and wrapping, and invoicing each order for simplicity and ease for the fundraiser group.